The Vandegrifts of Mower County

Major Figures in this History

Major Figures
Early Vandergrift/Vandegrift History
John Miller, His Children, Their Spouses & Children
John Miller Vandegrift
John Miller Vandegrift Jr.
Thomas Hart Benton Vandegrift
Jacob Vandegrift Jr.
Fanny Vandegrift Stevenson
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John Miller 1755-1838 (in Revolutionary War)

7th Gen: Jacob Vandegrift 1785-1821 (Father of John Miller Vandegrift)

Elizabeth Miller 1792-1862 (Mother of John Miller Vandegrift)

8th Gen: John Miller Vandegrift 1808-1875 (Pioneer settler in Mower County)

9th Gen: John Miller Vandegrift Jr. 1849-1940 (Successful Farmer)

9th Gen: Thomas Hart Benton Vandegrift 1840-1908 (In Civil War)

8th Gen: Jacob Vandegrift 1816-1876 (Brother of John Miller Vandegrift & Father of Fanny Vandegrift)

9th Gen: Fanny Vandegrift 1840-1914 (Wife of Robert Louis Stevenson)

10th Gen: Chris Howard Vandegrift (Father of Elaine Vandegrift)

11th Gen: Elaine Vandegrift (my Wife)


Early Vandegrift History