The Vandegrifts of Mower County


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Early Vandergrift/Vandegrift History
John Miller, His Children, Their Spouses & Children
John Miller Vandegrift
John Miller Vandegrift Jr.
Thomas Hart Benton Vandegrift
Jacob Vandegrift Jr.
Fanny Vandegrift Stevenson
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Areas Needing Further Work

I have tried to find & show sources for the information given herein. 
A major source is Vandegrift Genealogy by Frederick A. Thomas, an unpublished collection of 40 years of research by the son of Josephine Vandegrift Thomas, daughter of Jacob Vandegrift Jr. References to it are of the form (Thomas, p. 5). It is available at the Wisconsin Historical Society, call no. CS71 V225 1976.
Another very relevant source is The Life of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson by Nellie Vandegrift Sanchez, New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1925. Nellie was another daughter of Jacob Vandegrift Jr. In it, Fannie describes growing up in Indianapolis, including portraits of both of her grandmothers. The first two chapters are included in the "Fannie Vandegrift Stevenson" page. References to it are of the form (Sanchez, p. 5).
The Austin, Mn. Public Library & the Mower County Historical Society located at Austin, Mn. both have extensive genealogical resources.
The Family History Library (Salt Lake City, Ut.) has extensive microfilm sources, as does the Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wi.). has both Mn. & U. S. Census on-line.
The Minnesota Historical Society (St. Paul, Mn.) has birth records from 1900-1934 & death records from 1904-2001 on-line at     


About the Author