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Early History of the Vandergrift/Vandegrift Family (from Holland to Pennsylvania)


1st Generation:

Lenaert Evertse Van Der Grift (Thomas, p. 7) of Amsterdam, Holland, married Maritjen Pauwels. Their children were:

Paulus Leendertsen Van Der Grift

Jacob Leendertsen Van Der Grift, baptized 23 Oct 1622.


The following regarding the 1st & 2nd generations is from the Vandegrift CD, assembled by Robert Vandegrift over 40 + years of genealogy research . It may be obtained from Vandegrift Research, 797 S., 350 W., Bountiful, Ut. 84010.


A letter from Peter Vandegrift  (to Robert Vandegrift) answered the question about where the original Van der Grifts actually came from because old family group sheets indicated they came from Amsterdam and later the village of Charlois was cited as their origin.  I believe Pete’s letter clears it up.


Peter writes: “I have never really found a reputable source for anyone in our family line beyond Evertsz Lenert.  My friends, Ger van der Most, Willem Timmer and I visited the Amsterdam Archives (Gemeentearchief Amsterdam) and found the birth record (23 Oct 1620) of Jacob, first in the fiche (40-186) which was copied from the Oude Kerk records p 306-323.  Lenaert Evertsen’s marriage was found on fiche 414-84 and the original bound pages in document Archief Nr. 5001 bottom of page 84.  That was awesome, the actual parchment pages of the old church records.  Took special permission to visit the vault area and it was strictly a white glove thing”.


Ger translated from Dutch:


“Lenaert Evertsen van Saarlois kaasmaker oud 22 Jaren wonende op de Leidse hof geassist (.......) zijn vader ter ener zijde Maritje Pauwelse van Aken oud 29 jaren wonende aan de oude zijds achterburgwal geen ouders hebbende ter andere zijde,” which means: Lenaert Evertsen from Saarlois, cheesemaker, 22 years old, living at the Leidsehof, assisted byh (.....unreadable.....) His father on the one hand, Maritje Pauwelse, old 29 years, from Aachen, living at the Oudezijdsachterburgwal, no parents left on the other hand.”


Peter writes: “I have a xerox of the above with no father’s name that can be discerned.  Totally frustrating, especially because of all the other people who claim our ancestry going to Evert Antonisz and beyond, no documentation is offered”.


Ger wrote that Antonis supposedly born ca 1540 was found in the ‘Official Registers’ of Amsterdam; known indirectly from the patronimicum of his son; Evert Antonisz assists his son at his 13 June 1609 marriage in Amsterdam.  He is also present as a witness when Lenaerts first child is baptized.




2nd Generation:

Jacob Leendertsen Van Der Grift (Thomas, p. 10) was baptized 23 Oct 1622 in Amsterdam by his parents Lenaert Evertse Van Der Grift & Maritjen Pauwels of Amsterdam, Holland. He & his brother Paulus came to New Amsterdam around 1647. Paulus returned to Holland in 1671. Jacob married Rebecca Frederickse on 19 Jul 1648 (Reformed Dutch Church). In 1686 he was living at Newton, Long Island. His widow & children moved to Bensalem, Bucks, Pa. in 1697. Their children (all baptized at the Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam) were:

Marritje, baptized 29 Aug 1649

Christine, baptized 26 Feb 1651

Annetje, baptized 16 Mar 1653

Leendert, baptized 19 Dec 1655

Nicholas, baptized 5 May 1658

Frederick, baptized 22 May 1661

Rachel, baptized 20 Aug 1664

Johannis, baptized 26 Jun 1667

Thomas lists another daughter, Rebecca, between Frederick & Rachel, but she doesn’t appear in the baptismal reference & she is not mentioned in the book History of Bucks County.


3rd Generation:

Leendert Van Der Grift (Thomas, p. 15) was baptized 19 Dec 1655 (Reformed Dutch Church) in New Amsterdam by his parents Jacob Leendertsen Van Der Grift & Rebecca Fredericks. He married Styntje Elswaerts on 20 Nov 1678 (Reformed Dutch Church). He died before 18 Feb 1725, when his will was administered by his son Abraham. Their children were:

Jacob, baptized 20 Sep 1679 (Reformed Dutch Church)

Christoffel, baptized 6 Aug 1681 (Reformed Dutch Church)

Rebecca, baptized 15 Dec 1683 (Reformed Dutch Church)

Abraham, baptized 4 Jul 1686 (Reformed Dutch Church)

Anneken, baptized 7 Apr 1689 (Reformed Dutch Church)

Elizabeth, baptized 8 Oct 1691 in Brooklyn

Annetje, baptized 12 Jun 1695 




4th Generation:

Abraham Vandegrift (Thomas, p. 24) was baptized 4 Jul 1686 (Reformed Dutch Church) in New Amsterdam by his parents Leendert Vandegrift & Styntje Elswaerts. He married Maritje Van Sandt on 17 Oct 1716. He was known as “Abraham by the river”. He died Mar 1748 in Bucks Co., Pa.


Their children were:








5th Generation:

Abraham Vandegrift (Thomas, p. 30) was born about 1720 in Philadelphia County to Abraham Vandegrift & Maritje Van Sandt. He was a carpenter. Wife unknown.

Their child was:

Abram Vandegrift, born abt 1758


6th Generation:

Abram Vandegrift (Thomas, p. 40, was able to examine a Van Sciver Family Bible & talk to some close relatives to determine the following names & dates) was born abt 1758 to Abraham Vandegrift “the carpenter of Philadelphia County”. He married Jane Van Sciver (born 17 Mar 1759), of Beverly, N. J., about 1777. Their children were:

Charlotte, born 7 Sep 1778

Abram, born 8 Feb 1781

Jesse, born 8 Mar 1783

Jacob, born 10 Jun 1785

Mary, born 21 Feb 1788

Jeremiah, born 16 Feb 1792

Isaac, born 19 Nov 1794


7th Generation:

Jacob Vandegrift married Elizabeth Miller as detailed in the web page entitled "John Miller, His Children, Their Spouses & Children".



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